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Roman Blinds

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  • Roman Blinds Dubai - Classic Elegance for Your Windows

    Roman Blinds Dubai is the best window treatment choice in the UAE. Our all-exclusive and classy-looking Roman window blinds will serve you with the finest aesthetics and the most extraordinarily durable functionality. Not to mention that they are an incredibly versatile choice for all requirements.


    Made from Polyester, cotton, linen, blended fabrics, Damasks, and Jacquard fabrics and available within extensive designs.


    These blinds have an insulated poly/cotton blended lining, offer flawless coverage and insulation, and best suit all spaces.



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    Get Luxury Roman Blinds In Dubai for Your Windows

    Our roman window blinds look unbelievably appealing themselves and they accentuate the entire space around them really nice, too. They give an ideally balanced look to the surroundings and are a wonderful choice for all windows, specifically the smaller ones.

    Their thick and durable fabrication makes them effectively resistant to all kinds of hazardous aspects and thus very long-lasting too. Roman Blinds Dubai are a super practical choice to consider if you’re looking forward to a fairly heavy-duty window solution functionality.

    Also, they are just the best idea to go for smaller rooms or spaces, in order to make them appear way more spacious. Our Roman Window Blinds serve as the best alternative to window curtains. Their coverage appears to be the fullest and this way they get to maintain the room privacy really well, too. Not to mention this makes them a really good choice of Office Window Blinds.

    Our Roman window blinds will be the nicest addition to your home/apartment/office decor in super affordable ways and their working is totally cost-effective, to boot. Also, You won’t be needing to do or spend too much in terms of their maintenance.

    Have The Trendy Styling Of Roman Blinds Dubai

    These quality blinds are one of the most useful window dressing elements which come with the added benefit of versatility, as well. They not just look great but also optimize the room environment really well along with an excellent energy-efficiency. As for the styling factor, these blinds come in extensive options, such as Flat roman window blinds, hobbled ones, pleated styles and relaxed blind versions.

    See Our Charming Blind Decor Creations

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    Have Our Expert Installation Services For Roman Blinds in Dubai

    Closing Curtain will take the best care of all your window treatment requirements with the highest levels of proficiency. Our expert-grade blind installation services are aimed towards both the flawless blind fitting as well as their ornamental syncing with the rest of the room decor. This way, we always succeed in generating the best outcomes from every single service genre of ours.

    Moreover, our Roman Blinds Dubai Installation comes at highly affordable rates, which is to say that you can make the most out of these services completely on a budget. Plus, our services remain timelessly beneficial and are a great approach to more comfortable living spaces. Do request a free quote today and we’ll serve you right away!


    We Are Loved By Our Customers

    We Supply Premium Quality Roman Blinds Dubai All Over The UAE

    Our finest standard roman window blinds will work wonders as both a decorative and a functional addition to your places. These blinds add a notable level of comfort to your lifestyle and seem really pleasant to look at, too. Moreover, the build quality you get is the most promising too and you won’t need another window treatment for years straight.

    These incredible Roman Blinds Dubai will seamlessly suit all of the window profiles and you won’t have a single trouble in syncing them with your desired interior and/ or exterior ornamentation. Don’t forget to visit our blinds store in Dubai and cherish the experience of having the best blinds for your places. Also, you can shop for these quality blinds online from us, just in the comfort of your home.
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    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. How Much Do Roman Shades Cost?
    Roman blinds are considered the most expensive window coverings. Because of the use of premium quality fabric in the making of these roman shades, the price range of these shades starts at $100 and goes up to $1000. The price of your roman shades depends upon the choice of material.
    2. Can I Put A Roman Blind On A Large Window?
    3. How Do You Remove A Roman Blind?
    4. How Do Roman Blinds Work?