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Electric Curtains Dubai- Automated Window Solution

Closing Curtain presents to you the ultimate smart and time-saving window treatment of Electric Curtains Dubai. These curtains will save a considerable extent of your precious time, physical effort, and energy expenses, which makes them an extremely durable investment to go for. 


Made from Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon, Cotton, or other blended fabrics with the highest levels of resistance


The rails of these curtains work over a motor and they can be controlled in various ways depending on the lifestyle


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Convenience and Automation with Electric Curtains Dubai

Our amazing automatic curtains are the type of functional decor that will prove to be advantageous for you in multiple ways. These time-saving curtains come with the most beneficial perk of the smoothest and most effortless working, and the only curtain accessory required for them are quality rods.

Electric Curtains Dubai get operated in a number of ways and you can go for the one which is more convenient for you. Also, you can pre-set (pre-program) these curtains to get opened or shut at specific intervals during the day.

The incredible and totally smart operating manners of these useful curtains include working with remote control, with a wall-mounted switch, or even through a smartphone application. Moreover, you can have your elegant Electric Curtains in Dubai integrated with your smart home systems and thus have them working right according to your lifestyle.

In addition to that, these motorized curtains come with a built-in syncing with all voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri, etc. Their thick and heavy profiles can be used for an effective room darkening or brightening like the Blackout Window Curtains and for keeping all the pollutants and external damage away.

Will Electric Curtains in Dubai Really Look Attractive?

These wondrous curtains not only will look charmingly appealing but will also add a lot of value to your properties. Our motorized drapes have super safe cordless design profiles and therefore are totally children and pet-friendly. And you will be amazed by the fact that these remote control curtains go seamlessly well with all the interior decors.

Also, you can use them within outdoor spaces and as commercial curtains too, for the purpose of an effective and the safest coverage. These curtains maintain privacy like none other and you can adjust their coverage extent just the way you like. Over and above, our Electric Curtains in Dubai will benefit you a lot with their energy efficiency and they will also protect the entire interior and other belongings. Last but not least, their sturdy build quality makes them last longer, as well. 

Top Quality Electric Curtains in Dubai

Features And Favorability Aspects Of Electric Curtains Dubai

These incredible and serviceable curtains are a great way to add endless comfort to your lifestyles and also to dress your windows in an extremely attractive manner. Besides, these curtains are just the perfect choice for modern homes. You can benefit from them in multiple ways and can have various purposes fulfilled from them as well. The most common examples in this regard are energy-efficiency and the flawless control over privacy and room atmosphere.

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Amp Up Your Workspace Decors With Our Automatic Curtains

These curtains are an exceptionally best choice for commercial areas and workspace interiors, considering the benefits of convenient operation, energy-efficiency and cost-effectivity. Besides, the presentable aesthetics are also a major plus point, making this option a complete win-win deal. Since professional settings always face a lack of time, there does arise a dire need for some time-saving and easy-to-handle window treatment. And this very purpose, of course, can be maximally fulfilled by our Electric Curtains Dubai.

Adding to that, the instant and completely trouble-free movement of these curtains proves fundamentally helpful in times of meetings, presentations and similar times. Also, such a window treatment makes it the easiest to make use of multimedia with all desired changings (opening and closing/adjustments) just in the blink of an eye.

Workspace Decors With Our Automatic Curtains Dubai

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Classic Electric Curtains In UAE

Get Our Expert-grade Installation For Electric Curtains

Our quality motorized curtains require a great deal of proficiency for their installation. With that said, we’re glad to present to you our excellence regarding the perfect fitting of these curtains, in order to make this new incredible curtain treatment the most favorable for you. Besides the most flawless curtain fitting, we also ensure the fact that our skillset remains time-saving all-along, as well. 

You’re more than welcome to acquire these first-rate installation services for the Electric Curtains Dubai and treat your places in a super contemporary and most lucrative way. Over and above, our services are widely available at highly budget-friendly rates and you’re meant to find this home improvement treatment entirely cost-effective in the long-run. Request your free quote for the best installation services, today!


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The amazing electric window curtains I got from Closingcurtain.ae have really helped me a lot!

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Their automatic curtains do save a lot of my time and I’m so thankful for that. 

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The quality of their remote control curtains is simply amazing and their working is super smooth and flawless. 

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I had their Electric Curtains for my office and that decision has been extremely favorable for me. 

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Their curtains work so well that it’s almost unbelievable. You can easily operate them in any way you want 

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Our Electric Curtains Dubai Feature The Most Incomparable Quality

Closing Curtain brings you the most incredible curtain treatment for both your homes and offices, that too, with a number of everlasting benefits. Our all-exclusive curtains are an excellent choice to consider if you’re planning on a window treatment upgrade, as they will also offer the added perk of a suave beautifying of the home décor around. 

These Electric Curtains Dubai are one of the finest décor elements that you can add to your spaces and enjoy an everlasting comfort afterwards. They are not just entirely pocket-friendly but also prove to be supremely beneficial for extensive periods of time. You can buy these quality curtains online and can also have an amazing in-store shopping experience at our curtain outlets in the UAE.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The electric curtains come with a motor that is hidden in them. When you press the button to open and close them, the motor will let them roll up and down. You can operate them in different ways, like pushing the button manually to control them. If they are wireless, then you can use a remote control or an Android app. You will press any button from any corner of your room to perform a specific task.

The cost of electric curtains ranges from $100 to $300. The cost varies with the quality and functionality offered by the curtains. If you want the best quality curtains with all the features as per your needs, the price will also increase automatically.

Yes, we provide services for hanging the track of motorized curtains. Hire our experienced staff that has been working in this field for many years. Our professional team will hang your curtains on the track rail and give them the functionality to operate wirelessly. You can open and close them using a remote or mobile phone.