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Get Beautiful Outdoor Blinds in Dubai - Enhance Your Outdoor

Closing Curtain has got you the best and most long-lasting window solution for all your outdoor spaces, that is the Outdoor Blinds Dubai. These blinds are incomparably heavy-duty in nature and will ideally serve you under all kinds of circumstances. Besides, you get trendy options to choose from, so as to easily create all of your desired outdoor decors.



Made from high-quality PVC material, acrylic, PVC coated polyester mesh, or Polycotton canvas fabric with solution dyeing


These blinds feature an extreme resistance against all kinds of atmospheric conditions and are highly energy-efficient in nature, as well


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We Provide High Quality Outdoor Blinds in Dubai

Our outdoor window blinds are the most versatile and equally serviceable kind of blinds which you can consider for several different uses. These blinds serve the accessorizing purpose really well and most importantly in a functional manner.

You can notably enhance all your outdoor spaces and make them stand out in a smart way with the help of these blinds’ serviceability. Their greater levels of energy efficiency will save you a lot on your energy bills and the utility surely doesn’t stop here.

They serve as the most effective barrier between your valued property as well as your precious belongings and all the external harmful factors. Considering our Outdoor Blinds Dubai installation will instantly preserve the entire space of your in the most effective ways.

Investing in these highly functional blinds will get you the perfect guarantee of your privacy maintenance. These blinds are not just super affordable but also very versatile in nature, therefore can be used within all desired areas, such as with sliding doors and patio doors and not just specifically against the windows.

40% Off Window Curtains and Blinds online - Sale End Today

Explore The Latest Styles Of Our Outdoor Blinds Dubai

Our quality outdoor blinds come in extensive structural and style versions, in order to best suit each and every exterior requirement. These blinds are a great way to achieve the most flawless protection for all of your outdoor areas and associated belongings. Take a look at the versatile types 

Plantation Shutters

Our plantation shutters Dubai are excellent at maintaining privacy in the most presentable manner. These shutters are super flexible and you can easily extend your usage area while also beautifying your spaces. They work wonders for balconies, terraces and patios. Moreover, you can also enjoy amazing weather protection with them. 

Retractable Awnings

These awnings require a wall mounting and then they can be easily extended for providing coverage to any desired area. This smart functionality is super flexible and can be easily made to retract away when not in use. Besides, you can operate them both manually and physically and can have them in various classy style options according to your outdoor requirements. 

PVC Blinds

These smart Outdoor Blinds Dubai will offer you flawless protection against atmospheric intensity, along with the added benefit of clear and beautiful outside viewing. Since these blinds are constructed from high-quality PVC, they are extremely resilient in nature and cannot be damaged easily. Say farewell to the discomforts of dangling ropes, strings or chains and enjoy the most adorable yet functional outdoor coverage. 

Timber Outdoor Blinds

Timber blinds are just the right option for you, if you’re into natural decors and want all your home ornamentations to be classic. These blinds not only look great but also offer the major advantage of complete control over both light and privacy. This way, you can make the most out of your outdoor spaces, without the slightest compromise over the comfort as well as privacy protection. 

Shade Blinds 

These blinds are the perfect idea to address the discomfort of direct sunlight, that too, without blocking the view at all. They will effectively reduce the heat intensity and therefore will keep your surroundings perfectly well-balanced in terms of temperature. Also, you can adjust them right according to your requirements. 

What Is The Ornamental Importance Of Outdoor Blinds Dubai?

Our blinds are totally matchless when it comes to the right provision for all kinds of requirements. These blinds feature perfect crafting in accordance with the cruciality of the outdoor spaces, as those are the primary welcoming areas.

Post having these blinds, you’re meant to come across a legit transformation within your outdoors. You can have them fitted at a number of spaces such as windows, sliding panes, glass panels, folding doors, or even as a major coverage element for outdoor facing areas. An excellent version of this amazing treatment is the exterior bamboo blinds.

These blinds will effectively keep all the harmful insects, atmospheric, Sun, and human damage at bay, hence protecting your places in a much-needed way. This quality window treatment is a pleasant ornamental as well as a functional element to invest in, pleasing you with the most favorable outcomes, too. 



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Their outdoor blinds did make a difference. By now, just the idea of entering my places fascinates me a lot.

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Post I had their window blinds, all my worries have long gone. Now my place looks really clean and well-maintained. 

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Their blinds do work wonders! The way they’ve made my outdoors stand out just excites me a lot. 

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The amazing Outdoor Blinds Dubai I picked up at Closingcurtain.ae were genuinely the best window treatment I’ve ever had. 

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You must visit Closingcurtain.ae if you’re looking forward to having the best-personalized blinds. 

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Choose Our Timeless Outdoor Blinds Installation Service

And get your places the dynamic treatment they deserve! Our first-rate blind fitting services ensure the highest level of proficiency and seamlessness, in order to give rise to the finest outcomes. This skill set of ours also includes creating an ornamental harmony between your chosen type of blinds as well as the surrounding decor. The serviceability remains timeless and continues to favor you for years on end.

Our Outdoor Blinds Dubai Fitting services are entirely affordable and you can have them as a transformation phase for your places. These services are versatile and adept enough to ideally provide for all the distinctive requirements, whether they are residential or commercial. Do reach out to us today and we’ll provide you the best and most effective coverage solutions for your outdoors. 

We Are The Trustworthy Suppliers Of Outdoor Blinds Dubai in the UAE

Each and every window treatment product and service of ours features the finest quality as well as excellence. That’s how we make a certain home improvement decision of yours, most fruitful for you. Besides, this of course goes the same for the quality of the outdoor window blinds we offer you, for the perfectly functional and attractive window dressing. Our blinds are not just the most pleasant home decor element to acquire but also are the most comforting ones too. 

Their build quality is both resilient and sustainable at the same time, which explains the incredible and timeless performance. Take a tour of our blinds shop in Dubai and we’ll serve you with the best Outdoor Blinds Dubai Shopping experience. Moreover, you can always benefit from the convenient idea of buying these best blinds online.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The maintenance of outdoor blinds is easy. You can easily maintain your blinds by following some necessary steps.

  • You just need to dust the blinds with a clean mop daily.
  • After a week or two, you can add a mild detergent to the water in a ratio of 1:20 and clean your blinds with this mixture.
  • You can also rinse your blinds with water according to their fabric.

Opaque blinds are one of the perfect options for outdoor areas if you want to eliminate heat from your outdoor spaces. Transparent blinds are also another great option to beat the annoying rays of the sun in summer. If you want to give your outdoor space a cool look in the summer, you can also use CAFE blinds.

Outdoor blinds are completely or partially waterproof depending on their material. They protect your outdoor sitting areas from rain, sunrays, and harsh weather. They are also a source to protect your outdoor furniture from rain, so it doesn’t ruin the interaction with water.

Blowing is one of the most noticeable problems with blinds in windy environments. By following certain steps, you can easily stop your blinds from blowing.

  1. Weighting the blinds can prevent your blinds from blowing in the wind.
  2. Another technique you can use for your blinds by adding the fabric at the back of the blinds.
  3. Attach your blinds to the wall by using small hooks.

High-quality blinds come with weights, so there is no need to weigh them again, but if your blinds don’t have weights, then you can easily add them at the end of the blinds. You can use paperweights, fabric weights, or metallic weights at the ends of your blinds. You can add these weights by hanging them with decorative chains.