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Get Stylish Eyelet Curtains In Dubai

Eyelet Curtains Dubai by Closing Curtain is one wonderful way to spice up your surroundings in the most long-lasting ways. These curtains stand out with their smoothest movements, their elegant looks, and how they add an agreeable convenience to one’s lifestyle.


Made from the highest quality Cotton, Linen, Acrylic, Polyester, or blended fabrics and come with elegant finishes.


These curtains have eyelet holes for the passage of curtain rods and work super smoothly in all directions.


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Contemporary Style With Eyelet Curtains Dubai for Modern Windows

Our all-purpose and super-efficient eyelet window curtains give the freedom of styling and redesigning in the first place. These curtains are fairly flexible and vastly versatile in nature, therefore can be considered for all sorts of uses. Their prime significance lies within their absolutely effortless movement across the curtain rods, which is, in fact the only curtain accessory required by these curtains. These curtains are not just extremely convenient to operate but also are very easy and quick when it comes to their installation. Another notable aspect of choosing these curtains as your residential window treatment is the advantage of their affordability.

We’ve got you a huge variety of ready-made Eyelet Curtains in Dubai that make the best window treatment for all spaces, particularly the usage as Living Room Curtains.

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What Are The Perks And Pros Of Eyelet Curtains?

These are the kind of curtains that are meant to look great within all scenarios as they ideally complement all ornamental themes. They appear supremely contemporary and are just the most economical window covering choice to go for, as well.

Besides of course the residential usage, you can also have them as the sleekest commercial or workspace drapes, too.

Moreover, you can also have them within nearly any and every kind of fabrication ranging from the light and pleasant sheer ones to those thick and plush velvet ones.

Also, these Eyelet Curtains Dubai come with the most vogue variety of sizes and coverage options such as the window length ones or those with floor to ceiling profiles.

Last but not the least, is the greatly calmative curtain selection of eyelet blackout curtains, which can also be paired up with any of the desired curtain accessories, such as curtain tapes.

range of Eyelet Curtains Dubai

Explore The Trendiest Styles Of Eyelet Curtains in Dubai

Our suave eyelet style curtains are a great way to add notable beauty to any and every interior space, since these curtains always remain in fashion. They can easily sync into any of the surrounding decor themes and always appear the most elegant. Also, these curtains are an excellent way to achieve the best coverage levels. This way, they are an exceptionally favorable choice as bedrooms drapes and are best for all similar spaces, too. So do explore our platform to look for the best complementing curtain styles for your homes!

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Get The Home Styling That Always Remains The Trendiest

Our exquisite quality Eyelet luxury drapes are one of the most timelessly beneficial choices of window treatment, as they feature a beauty which can never possibly become outdated. Whether you want an addition to a classic decor or are looking for an accentuation of a modern styled place, our eyelet window curtains will serve you most fundamentally in all scenarios. From solid and bold color choices to neutral and pastel ones, you can get just about any option which blends well with the surrounding area.

Besides, Eyelet Curtains Dubai are amongst those limited astonishing curtain types that look exceptionally good with floral, geometric, check, lined and dotted prints. Such choices bring about a major welcoming pop of color and vibrancy to the room and have the tendency to complement just about any decorative stuff. 

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Luxury eyelet curtains

Choose Our Excellence For Eyelet Window Curtains Installation

We’ve come up with expert-grade excellence regarding the most flawless curtain installation and beautification within your places. Our services ensure an ideally seamless fitting of the curtains while also making them sync well with the surrounding spaces. Besides, all of this skill set of ours is super quick when it comes to completion.

Do have our Eyelet Curtains Dubai Installation Services all across the UAE and get your curtains the treatment they deserve. This curtain fitting treatment is perfectly timeless and will also save you from the discomforts and unfavorable outcomes of DIY installation. Request your free quote today to make the most out of this affordable and long-lasting excellence!


What Our Clients Say About Us

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I happened to order these cute curtains for my living room and my experience has been really fantastic.  

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The way their curtains turned out to be looking was simply exceptional. Hats off to Closingcurtain.ae 

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These guys truly offer you extraordinary curtains which are highly engaging and adorable  

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These Eyelet Curtains have proved to be the most exceptional curtains of my life!

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The textures of their cutest curtains seem so fascinating and the colors are pretty enough to be mesmerizing.

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We Supply Top Quality Eyelet Curtains Dubai All Over The UAE

Closing Curtain is the top-tier provider of the finest quality Eyelet Window curtains in Dubai which will serve as a major uplifting of your places. Our sublime standard curtains are a fundamentally useful window treatment and a dynamic ornamental upgrade of all interior spaces. You’ll find these curtains a legit breeze to maintain and they’ll keep serving you for years on end.

All of our Eyelet Curtains Dubai Styles are super ritzy to look at and you’ll have a wonderful time picking out your favorite ones. We’ve got you these amazing curtains at highly affordable price ranges and this way you can have a perfect home décor upgrade on a budget. Contact us for getting the best home improvement ideas.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hanging eyelet curtains is very easy. You just need to follow the following process to hang your eyelet curtains straight.

  • Buy eyelet curtains with even a number of grommets.
  • Measure the length of your window.
  • Buy the curtain rod, which matches the size of the grommets.
  • Place the brackets on the wall.
  • Iron the curtains if needed.
  • Put the curtains into the curtain rod.
  • Place the rod having curtains into the brackets.
  • Your curtains hang straight by this process.

Yes, eyelet curtains need to be double width as compared to the window. If the width of your window is 100 cm, you should buy two curtains of 120 cm width. It means the curtains are more than double. If you are buying made to measure curtains, increase or decrease the size of the curtains by 20%.

No, there is no need for curtain pole rings for the installation of eyelet curtains. You can comfortably put your eyelet curtains on your older pole with no need to buy pole rings. You just need to consider the diameter of pole before installing curtains.

The ideal diameter of a curtain pole for the hanging of eyelet curtains is 26 to 28 mm. Take the pole for your curtains with 28mm or slightly smaller, so your curtains can easily move within it.