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Curtain Tapes

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  • Curtain Tapes - Functional and Decorative Curtain Accessories in Dubai

    Curtain Tapes Dubai, by Closing Curtain are the elegant and entirely serviceable curtain accessories that will suspend your curtains in just the perfect manner. These tapes work by preventing the curtains from flaring out at the bottom, making them stay at a perfect angle. This way, they help in the perfect creation of different curtain heading styles.


    Made from various different fabrics (according to the curtain profile) and have an adhesive design in most cases for holding the curtains


    These tapes have their effective functionality in making the curtain usage most effortless and for enhancing the curtain beauty, too



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    Functional and Decorative Curtain Tapes for Customization

    Our dazzling drapery tapes have their prime significance in maintaining the right profiles of curtains. These tapes secure the curtain pleats (present at the top) in place, making the curtains appear well put together and thus even more attractive.

    These amazing Curtain Accessories can also be used for creating certain decorative patterns at the sides or the top of the curtain or drapery. Our Curtain heading tapes can be easily attached to the curtains, only by straight stitching or even simply by adhesion.

    The top and bottom of the curtain tape get attached to the curtain liner and that’s when you can notably enhance the working and beauty of your curtains. Using these Curtain Tapes Dubai helps one get more fine control over the curtain pleating and they can also be utilized to determine the amount of curtain fabric required.

    Another noteworthy advantage of considering the efficient usage of these tapes for curtains is that they are extremely easy to use. Plus, their maintenance is fairly inexpensive as well. Also, you can wash them and iron them as per your requirements and they will continue their sparkling beauty for years on end.

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    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What Is Meant By Curtain Header Tape?
    Curtain Header Tape, technically, is a fabric band which is usually stiff in profile and is sewn on the top of the curtain panel along with the fabric. It gets collected in the curtain pleats across the whole curtain panel and makes curtain gathering easier due to the built-in pleat pockets.
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