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Curtain Rods Dubai - Buy Functional and Decorative Window Hardware

Closing Curtain brings you the highest quality Curtain Rods Dubai, for the most adequate fitting of your curtains. These attractive-looking and extremely durable rods will not only provide the right installation canvas for your curtains but will maximize their beauty, as well. 


Made from top-quality Wood, Plastic, or Metal and available within all types of length and width measurements


These rods make the curtain suspend at the right altitude and at the perfect distance from surrounding stuff

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Functional and Decorative Curtain Rods Dubai for Your Windows

These rods are more of a curtain essential or must-have in the first place. They provide the adequate medium for curtains to move in the smoothest and most effortless ways. Most commonly, they are used to attach the curtains using certain other elements such as Curtain rings, hooks, clips, or hoops.

But in other cases, these Curtain Rods Dubai are made to pass through the curtains holes (eyelets in general) present at the top of the curtains, followed by hanging them. This way, it becomes much easier to move the curtain across the rod and also to open and close it much quickly. These rods can be easily used for all types of curtains and the usage isn’t just confined to Eyelet Window Curtains.

These rods come within a number of sizes and styles by default. However, if you don’t find the right kind of rods for your curtains, then you can always have the customization of Curtain Rods in Dubai from us. 

We are the first-rate curtain accessories supplier in UAE and have incomparable excellence in dealing with all kinds of curtain requirements. One notable example of our vast service spectrum is the ravishing rods will make your curtains stand out and thus you can enjoy their whole beauty for the longest periods of time.

What Are The Benefits Of Curtain Rods?

Our quality rods feature the best and sturdiest build quality, hence are well-guaranteed of lasting long. In addition to the curtain beauty enhancement, these rods also ensure the most appropriate safety of your curtains, efficiently keeping all kinds of damage at bay. These rods come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, finishes, patterns, and colors, so as to well complement all curtain designs.

You can have the ornamental rods that feature stylish ends and beautiful profiles or you can have those simple ones that look genuinely elegant. Over and above, we’ve got you several adjustable Curtain Rods Dubai options too, that can be made to fit various types of curtain designs, such as the Adorable Silk Curtains. These rods are a must-have for all curtain flaunted areas generally. However, they’re specifically important for places such as bathrooms, i.e. for smooth movement of shower curtains. 

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Popular Styles Of Curtain Rods Dubai

We’ve got you a whole lot of amazing options of the rods for curtains, so that you don’t need to face a single inconvenience in finding the right element for your curtains. Also, you can consider our expert recommendations in this regard. 

In addition to that, you can always benefit from the curtain rod customization services, which, as the name suggests, is the particular crafting or molding of a certain rod for a certain functionality, i.e. for fulfilling a distinctive requirement.

Some of the most frequently used versions of our quality Curtain Rods Dubai include cafe Curtain Rod, Traverse Rod, Extendable Rods, Acrylic Rods for curtains and various ornamental options such as the decorative iron rods and wooden rods. You can shop for all these ritzy rod options online or can always pay a visit to our curtain shops in Dubai!

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Have Us For The Best Expertise Of Curtain Rods Installation

And we’ll help you benefit the most from your new curtain treatment. Our experts are right at your service to help you at any and every point of the curtain accessory selection as well as fitting. We’ll not just help you pick out the right kind of curtain accessories but will also serve you with the most perfect and seamless installation of each one of them.

This goes particularly true for our Curtain Rods Dubai Installation, with which you can ensure a flawless fitting and an amazing beauty depiction of your curtains. Our services are completely affordable and you’ll find each one of them the most useful treatment for your curtains. So don’t delay those incredible additions to your curtains anymore and give us a call today. We shall be more than glad to serve you right away!


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The rods I shopped from Closingcurtain.ae were the ones with the most flawless working!

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The rod working is so great that it almost becomes magically seamless to move your curtains.

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My curtains got a lovely lift-up and were spiced up really well, plus those rods look really charming themselves!

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I must say the rods for curtains I found at Closingcurtain.ae were the best!

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Their rods are genuinely amazing, the way they appear so beautiful is just so mind-blowing to look at.

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We Offer The Finest Curtain Accessories All Across The UAE

Closing Curtainyour ultimate trustworthy home décor provider has got you the complete range of curtain services for generating the most adorable versions of your places. Our Curtain Rods Dubai are just another notable aspect of the extensive curtain treatment spectrum of ours, from which you can easily find the best complementing must-haves for your curtains. 

We welcome you to explore our platform and shop for the finest quality curtain essentials and accessories, thus benefit maximally from your curtains. Besides, if you aren’t very much obvious about the exact requirements of your window treatments, then you can simply negotiate whatever you look forward to, from your next curtain treatment and we shall help you settle for the best. Do request your free quote today!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

One of the most prominent differences between a curtain rod and a drapery rod is its weight-bearing capacity. Curtains are not too heavy, so they can easily hang on even delicate rods with thinner clips. While draperies are heavier than curtains, they need rods that can bear their weight and there is a need for thick clips to hang them.

The curtain rods should be wider than your windows. Your curtain rods should be 8 to 12 inches wider than the width of your windows. So it can give 4 to 6 inches on both sides of the window. In this way, your windows are completely visible when you pull your curtains aside.

The maximum weight that a curtain rod can hold is almost 45 pounds. The weight-bearing capacity of curtain rods varies depending on the material of the rod. Steel curtain rods can bear the weight of 40 pounds. Plastic and wood rods can bear a weight of up to 20 to 25 pounds. Metal rods are the strongest of all and can support 45 pounds of weight.

If you have a wider window, then you will need to install middle brackets on the curtain rods. Usually, place a supporting bracket every 30 to 35 inches. So you can estimate the need for middle brackets by the length of your windows. If your window is 65 inches long, you will need 2 middle brackets.